Valet Moving is the largest tenant in a state-of-the-art climate controlled 70,000 square foot warehouse facility built in 2011.  We offer a full range of receiving and storage solutions for all your moving needs, whether you need to store items for one week or one year.  Our facility has two loading docks, customer restrooms, and an ultramodern HVAC system installed to ensure that your personal property and valuable heirlooms are stored in an environment just as safe  (if not moreso!) as your home or office.  Our warehouse never gets colder than 64 degrees, nor warmer than 79 degrees, year-round.

Our client areas are segregated into individual ‘storage bays’ ranging in size from 50 to 500 square feet, each of which are segregated by commercial grade aluminum walls, ceilings, and locked roll-up doors.  All exterior doors require a unique code for access, all interior doors are secured and locked with German-made ‘Abus’ stainless steel disk padlocks, and the facility itself is equipped with 16 hi-def motion activated security cameras.  Whether you need a single item stored for a week, or an entire household worth of furniture, rugs, and art stored for a year, we have a storage bay that will fit your exact needs.   Most importantly, Valet Moving is very proud of the fact that as long as we have offered client storage (since 2011), there has NEVER been a single instance of a client item being damaged or lost.  But in the event of some catastrophic or natural disaster, you have the peace of mind of knowing that we offer a full replacement value guarantee and are fully insured.  Please ask us for a copy of our Certificate of Insurance any time!