We specialize in  residential  moving, with many of our moves involving a storage component (either in our warehouse or to/from your storage unit), a rental house or other temporary housing, or an additional stop along the way.  We believe that the key to a successful and stress-free residential move starts with effective planning, both days/weeks prior to the move and on the move day itself.  From properly packing your small items in boxes, protecting your large items and furniture with clean, premium moving pads, to securing everything in the most efficient and effective manner on the truck; we work hard but move smarter.

IMG_0863Our customers hire us because we incorporate both ‘brain’ and ‘brawn’ on each and every job.  We believe that moving is as much art as it is science, and pride ourselves on coming up with creative, efficient solutions to the most complex moving challenges.  We have invested tens of thousands of dollars in specialty carts, dollies, material lifts, pads, and lifting straps, so you can look forward to seeing that difference and advantage first-hand.  Valet Moving only uses specialty trucks and equipment designed specifically for the moving industry.

Most importantly, we are properly licensed and insured;  if you’ve ever had a bad experience with another moving company in the past, please do not hesitate to ask for copies of our licenses and/or proof of insurance, as well as contact info from previous customers for reference purposes; we are more than happy to provide such documentation any time.  We are licensed and registered with the Alabama Public Service Commission, and take pride in being a member in good standing with numerous industry trade groups and organizations.  With Valet Moving, you always have the peace of mind of knowing that the professional movers that arrive at your door will be uniformed, clean-cut, and ready to work hard for you.