Decorator Services

Valet Moving is proud to partner with a number of local and regional decorators and design firms to facilitate and install all aspects of client homes and offices.  We have been the exclusive mover for  projects featured in many national publications, and understand the importance of our role in a complex design strategy.  Whether you are ordering a single item for a client, or redecorating an entire residence or office, we look forward to putting our proven strategy and expertise to work for you.  We realize that the performance and service provided by the moving company you select is a direct reflection on you;  so it is a top priority at Valet Moving to provide the impeccable service you and your clients require and thus ensure that even the most complex projects are completed professionally and successfully.  One of our favorite compliments we receive is from our decorator and design clients at the completion of an install, as they congratulate us on bringing a ‘method to the madness’ and making sure every proverbial base is covered.

Valet Moving has extensive experience in hundreds of elegant homes in the ‘Over The Mountain’ areas of Birmingham,  and have assisted many decorator clients in complex projects related to their clients’ lakehouses, beach condos, and mountain cabins.  We offer free loading dock receiving (from freight carriers), free email alerts when shipments arrive,  short/long-term storage, delivery, and provide free monthly electronic inventory summaries.  We make frequent trips to Scott Antique Market in Atlanta on behalf of many of our valued decorators and their clients.  In response to local demand and feedback from many of our design clients, Valet Moving also offers many unique ‘value added’ services after the install itself, including but not limited to: art/mirror hanging, chandelier installation, and new furniture assembly.